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Acelle Script is the Best Email Marketing Web Application

Acelle Script is a self-worked, open source, totally opened, and easy-to-use Email Advancing Web Application written in PHP/Laravel that permits you to send high-volume exhibiting messages through your server or other email organization (SMTP) providers.

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Acelle Script
Acelle Script

Acelle Script comes as an open-source. Present Acelle Script on your web server and you can send advancing messages with essentially no obstruction.

You can discard exorbitant email organizations like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign… as now you can have full control over the entire plan of your own.

The Acelle Script allows you to set it up for sending emails using your SMTP servers, including options like Postfix, Exim, Sendmail, or Qmail. Moreover, the Acelle Script has been carefully crafted to smoothly integrate with various other email service providers, including but not limited to Mailgun, SendGrid, SparkPost, ElasticEmail, and Amazon SES.

Acelle Script is similarly arranged as a SaaS platform, allowing you to manage and offer your email organizations to others. See how Acelle Mail capabilities:

With version 4.0, Acelle Script now maintains Zapier, a mixed organization that grants you to, this way, consolidate and change almost everything!

version 4.0 moreover goes with a new Motorization work process allowing you to design your exhibiting strategy.

Easy Integration with REST API On Acelle Script

For planners or significant-level clients, Acelle Script’s REST Programming point of interaction gives generally what you need to arrange, allowing you to direct records, contacts, and campaigns… from your other application or keep your data synchronized with various systems.

With the new arrangement, you can ceaselessly study your overall mission execution by looking at various information reports for clients’ responsibility, click-to-open extent, skip/analysis rate, etc as well as track individual contact response to your displaying exertion.

Complete lists & subscribers management

Regulate records and allies successfully with Acelle:

  • Mass import endorsers from Succeed or CSV
  • Single/twofold picks help
  • Custom purchase in/pull out certification page
  • Autoresponder for ally welcome/goodbye messages
  • List division support

Delivery tracking & statistics reporting

Track the movement of every single email conveyed from Acelle. You can persistently check whether your messages show up in endorsers’ inboxes. Opens/clicks/skips/complaints are thus recorded and are imagined using smart graphs and data tables. Acelle Script’s different sorts of reports give you heaps of significant information to help you with additional fostering your missions going for it.

Easy integration with SMTP or 3rd services

Acelle Script can be designed to send emails straightforwardly from your SMTP server so you can now move away from costly email administrations like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and so forth.

Introduce Acelle on your server and you have command over the entire framework from the front-end web to the Sendmail backend. You have limitless admittance to any usefulness.

Acelle Script additionally accompanies worked-in help sending emails from third-specialist co-ops like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mailgun, ElasticEmail, SparkPost, or any SMTP service provider.

Acelle Script is Best Email Marketing Web Application
The Acelle Script stands out as a top-tier web application for email marketing purposes.

Fully featured automation & auto-responder

Robotization and Automated assistant features permit you to naturally or restrictively send email missions to your rundown or people in light of a few kinds of occasions:

  • List membership
  • List unsubscription
  • Endorser’s birthday
  • Endorser’s custom rules. for example standard surpassing, balance falling beneath least, bundle plan termination, and so forth.

You can likewise arrange the application to consequently follow up an email when it is opened/clicked by the beneficiary. Just arrange your Mechanization/Automated assistant once and have messages naturally sent for you.

Custom Tracking Domain

Custom following space is a high-level conveyance choice presented by Acelle Mail. Have all your email joins modified with your own image’s space, it is your own to mean your shipper notoriety. This extraordinarily further develops your email notoriety and deliverability.

Quick & easy RESTful API

Acelle gives a Soothing Programming interface that depends on basic HTTP POST/GET demands. We make it simple and fast to coordinate Acelle’s sending ability with your sites or applications. Our Programming interface allows you to add/import contacts from different applications so you can keep your mail list synchronized and modern.

Advanced email template builder

Acelle Mail accompanies a high-level Email Format Manufacturer as well as many pre-constructed email formats/designs for you to begin on

Designed as a SaaS framework

Acelle Mail is likewise planned as a SaaS (Programming As A Help) stage that empowers you to oversee and offer your email administration to your clients

  • Oversee administration bundle plans
  • Oversee clients and memberships
  • Braintree installment door reconciliation
  • Stripe installment door reconciliation
  • Acknowledge installment using PayPal or Mastercard
  • High-level quantity and choking the executives
  • Programmed repeating charging/charging

Email verification

An email confirmation will guarantee that your email list is spotless and appropriately approved which lessens return and safeguard your sending notoriety.

Utilizing Acelle Mail, you can confirm your mail records by interfacing with outsider administrations like,… When checked, your email tends to will be labeled with the suitable status of “Deliverable”, “Undeliverable”, or “Unsafe”.

You will appreciate inner harmony since you are just sending messages to genuine clients with genuine post boxes.

Live update support

Acelle Script Mail accompanies the Overhaul Supervisor dashboard which permits you to handily move up to any more current rendition (we make new deliveries on a week-by-week/month-to-month premise). You can stay up with the latest without sponsorship up and reinstall, every one of the clients’ information is held.

Completely responsive!

Acelle Script is made completely responsive. You can get to the Acelle web app utilizing any gadget from your, tablet or cell phone.

Available documentation

Check out the documentation remembered for the source to introduce Acelle Mail on your server. We likewise give bit-by-bit rules to cPanel/Plesk clients. In the event that you are new to email showcasing, we have a Getting everything rolling segment to assist you with making your most memorable email-promoting effort with Acelle Mail.

Embed the subscription form to your website

We support installing a membership structure to gather endorsers for your mission. That is, in the wake of making a mailing show, you can plan and redo the membership join structure for the rundown and implant it on your own site, your own image, and look and feel.

Mass newsletter sending made easy!

Acelle Script upholds multi-stringing with the goal that you can send a large number of emails regularly. Acelle likewise upholds auto planning your email crusades.

Powerful language & translation support

Acelle Script accompanies total help for internationalization and limitation. You can pick the favored language for your application. We make it simple so that you can likewise make your own language and alter any text showing up on the site to make it your own image!

Room for customization!

Acelle Script is written in clean PHP code, in view of the Laravel system. This makes it simple to broaden or tweak any piece of the web app. You can likewise compose and install your own PHP part.

Clean and elegant design!

Propelled via Mailchimp, we attempt to make the work process perfect and pertinent to clients.

Multiple themes are available!

Acelle Script accompanies a few Themes for you to pick: dull/light/red/blue/green/pink/brown. You can pick custom Themes for each client. You can likewise stretch out the standard CSS to fabricate your own Theme and design.

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