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Ajax Search Pro Plugin – Best Live Search & Filter Plugin

Ajax Search Pro Plugin is the Best Live Search and filter Plugin for WordPress. Extraordinarily movable, with numerous components and decisions, giving the best results! Override the WordPress search bar with an unrivaled-looking, more capable web search instrument.

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Ajax Search Pro Plugin
Ajax Search Pro Plugin

Looking for a prevalent WordPress search? See this search Plugin features, including checkbox, dropdown, radio button order channels, and custom field (post meta) channels as well.

Shortcodes and contraptions are practical with any maker, for instance, Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, Visual Creator, Divi Page Builder, Gutenberg, and others.

Ajax Search Pro Plugin can go probably as an Elementor Live Posts and Things contraption channel. Building a custom results page through Elementor is in like manner maintained.

Ajax Search Pro Plugin for WordPress – A Live WordPress search and filter plugin

Ajax Search Pro Plugin for WordPress was expected to help the client search for knowledge to the best. It gives a live Ajax Search Pro Plugin, which makes the WordPress search experience more comfortable.

The results are given pictures (if any are found), so they look engaging and less level. The pursuit works with phones, whether Android or IOS controlled.

The pursuit can override the default WordPress list of things – so the Ajax value is extended – superseding your default Theme chase with only a tick of a button.

The chase can return posts, pages, any custom post types (like WooCommerce things, BBPress social events, focuses, replies), classes, custom logical order terms (like thing characterizations, portfolio marks), clients, BuddyPress get-togethers and BuddyPress practices as results.

Glancing through media associations, including their substance is also possible – for PDF, CSV, TXT, RTF, and Office records, Succeed, and Powerpoint reports.

The backend offers numerous decisions for those, who like to change the request to the best. Numerous components were executed considering client reactions, and, shockingly, more quite close.

The live results page loader script is more over-included – for extra nuances, take a gander at the Results page live loader documentation.

The Plugin is revived regularly considering client reactions and bug reports. Each help ticket is answered in something like 48 hours, generally speaking, in 12 hours (except for the finishes of the week).

Strong Scientific classification and Custom field (post meta) search filters

The request incorporates an easy-to-use natural style logical order and custom field channel maker. Checkbox, radio, select dropdown, multi-select, and date channel types are maintained.

Regular editor for all major and minor nuances – including mentioning, picking things, parent-young person associations, plan modes, and affiliation reasonings too.

Over 400 other back-end decisions will give you the instrument to make a utilitarian and significant WordPress check structure for your site.

Ajax Search Pro Plugin for WordPress features

Below we are going to show some of the features of the Ajax Search Pro Plugin:


The pursuit keeps up with posts, pages, and any sort of custom post type. WooCommerce, Jigoshop, wp-Web business, and different Modules utilize custom post types – so they are reasonable with Ajax Search Pro Plugin.


The Plugin gives a versatile frontend settings interface for clients. By ticking a couple of checkboxes the client can meaningfully impact the approach to the acting of the Plugin – like looking for exact matches, including/excepting explicit post types, classes, or custom logical classifications (like thing characterizations).

LAYOUT & THEMES On Ajax Search Pro Plugin

Four basic organizations: Vertical, Level, Polaroid, and Iso Theme. 60+ pre-described Themes for each plan, recollecting the ones for the demo page.


Three particular contraptions are given (latest requests, top pursuits, and search box), and two shortcodes for each chase. Shortcode buttons are in a like manner recognizable on the post director.


The journey has inborn libraries with unbelievable closeness for picture dealing with. They can parse through cheerful, extricate, and custom fields or just show the included picture.


Use the collection of significant standard, vectorized, and colorized SVG images or move your expectations that you want to.


You can change the chase reasoning to meet your necessities. Normally the Plugin works with an OR reasoning to give a higher proportion of results. If you in any case need more serious results, you can change this with a tick. More information in the documentation search reasoning region.

Ajax Search Pro Plugin – Best Live Search & Filter Plugin
Ajax Search Pro Plugin – Best Live Search & Filter Plugin


Significantly adjustable picture parser assurances to show the best quality pictures in the results. The Plugin can analyze the features, and content, and segment custom fields for pictures.


Make and supervise order, tag, and any logical classification term channels. Checkboxes, drop-downs, and radio button designs are maintained.

CUSTOM FIELD FILTERS On Ajax Search Pro Plugin

For significantly more present-day plans, you can make custom field channels, to give your clients more advanced approaches to glancing through your substance.


Having a multisite network? You can pick which sites you want to recollect for each chase case. You can glance through different web diaries all the while.


A configurable significance decision board is obliged to those, who like to align their Plugins. You can change to record table requests and make records for fundamentally more appropriate results.

PAGE BUILDER SUPPORT On Ajax Search Pro Plugin

Shortcodes and contraptions are practical with any page designer, for instance, Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, Visual Creator, Divi Page Builder, Gutenberg, and others. The Plugin similarly goes probably as a WPBakery Page Builder and Gutenberg add-on as well.

COMPACT LAYOUT MODE On Ajax Search Pro Plugin

No put on your site for the requested device? You can cover the pursuit bar until the client taps on the magnifier image.


Google watchword thoughts and autocomplete are enabled as per usual. The thoughts and language are conflicting.


The pursuit question can be highlighted in the results list. You can change the shade of the highlighting as well.


Plugin interpretation 4.5 presents a new, document table-energized web search device. This engine is prepared for requesting shortcode content, for districts worked with creator Plugins. It’s in like manner a colossal show saver for high-traffic regions.


Track the pursuit question shows with the direct, worked-in show tracker. It will help you with upgrading the request Ajax speed.


Enabling the pursuit estimations will give you information on which articulations are the most popular on your site.


With a press of a button, you can organize Google examination to the chase, so the articulations will show up as site hits on your assessment dashboard.


For locales with higher traffic putting away is given to reduce the informational collection requests and add the request execution.


Likeness decisions will give you a helpful arrangement interface if something isn’t functioning truly to form.


The Plugin will follow the inquiry presentations and give you an unrivaled comprehension of your new setting changes.


Need to use a working chase event on your other endeavor? Exchange the chase settings and import them to your other site. Basic as that.


The Plugin receives invigorates reliably, and various client requests and thoughts have been fulfilled previously – feel free to propose anything.


We are seeing client care very in a serious manner. You can expect a response in something like 24 hours during work days. To open an assistance ticket, go to this association.

Common Inquiries Regarding the Ajax Search Pro Plugin

  • Will the Plugin work with the * Theme? Without a doubt, it will. The Plugin is Theme-independent.
  • Is it reasonable with Elementor, Divi Page Designer, WPBakery Page Maker, etc.? Without a doubt it is. The Plugin shortcodes can be used inside the looking at page designer part.
  • Will it work on a multisite blog? For sure it will.
  • Might it anytime at some point supersede my default Theme pursuit bar normally? For sure it can! You can pick which search case you want to show instead of the default Theme pursuit bar.
  • Might I time glance through custom post types, such as WooCommerce/Jigoshop things? Without a doubt, you can!
  • Might I at any point look BuddyPress social events/activity feed/clients? For sure you can!
  • Might the Plugin at any point return classes or custom logical arrangement terms as results? Without a doubt, it can!
  • Will it work with more prominent informational indexes, such as 25,000+ records? For sure it will. The chase speed simply depends upon your server speed.
  • Does it maintain districts with RTL? Yes, it does!
  • Will it show pictures, that are not worked with on my server? Without a doubt, it will. Assuming there ought to be an event of issues, read this database article.
  • Is support given, accepting here could I anytime get maintained? To be sure, this thing is maintained! Generously read the documentation and the database first. Numerous requests are tended to there.
  • Might I at any point glance through associations and their things on my server? To be sure, requesting and glancing through Text, PDF, RTF, CSV, Office Docx, Succeed and Powerpoint record contents is possible. More information in Association content pursuit documentation.

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