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FS Poster Plugin WordPress Social Auto Poster & Scheduler

The FS Poster plugin serves as a Virtual Entertainment Scheduler for WordPress, enhancing your online community engagement through automated sharing of your WordPress posts.

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FS Poster Plugin
FS Poster Plugin

Introduction Show FS Poster plugin

FS Poster plugin Electronic diversion auto pennant and scheduler offer promoters an opportunity to auto-convey their locales, repost old substance, mass plan various posts, and share individual posts on the most popular casual networks. It allows clients to share blog photos, infographics, or accounts on visual sharing stages from WordPress.

Electronic amusement scheduler maintains 17 relational associations helping with enlarging your extension and working on your Internet streamlining through extended website visitors. Untouchable consolidation mechanical assemblies help to make custom posts for each record.

With boundless post sharing, you will achieve consistency in the electronic presence and show up at online diversion displaying targets. Continuous examination reviews your virtual diversion strategy with stage-based execution relationship, post responsibility, and snap counts.

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What are the upsides of purchasing our social media scheduler?

  1. Save your time You will need to save your time by sharing your WordPress posts normally Further create website Web improvement You will need to assemble associates with your site from relational associations.
  2. Keep your virtual amusement new You will need to keep your social profiles new by posting occasionally using the Schedule plugin.
  3. Increase site visitors More offers will convey more visitors to your site.
  4. Maintains flexibility You can make watchword-based messages for each stage and attach them to the significant web-based amusement posts.
  5. Measures KPIs Online amusement scheduler gauges the introduction of each extra association and records through arranged posts.
FS Poster Plugin WordPress Social Auto Poster & Scheduler
FS Poster Plugin WordPress Social Auto Poster & Scheduler

FS Poster plugin Supported social networks

You will really need to disperse your posts/pages/things to 18 casual networks and organizations all the while:

  • Facebook ( accounts, pages, social occasions )
  • Twitter ( accounts, first comment )
  • Instagram ( accounts, stories, first comment, associate in bio )
  • Linkedin ( accounts, associations )
  • Pinterest ( account sheets )
  • Youtube (social class)
  • Reddit ( accounts, subreddits, first comment )
  • Tumblr ( accounts )
  • VK.com ( accounts, pages, social events, events )
  • OK.ru ( accounts, social occasions )
  • Wire ( visits, channels, social occasions )
  • Medium ( profiles, dispersions )
  • Google My Business ( regions )
  • WordPress based districts
  • Plurk
  • Blogger
  • Grinding (channels)
  • Webhook

Auto-post New Blog Posts:

Auto-present is a way to present your substance on your virtual diversion accounts normally.

Making another post is most certainly not something major. Regardless, sharing the new post to all your casual association accounts is monotonous and debilitating.

Most associations have many records, pages, get-togethers, etc to be secured with their perusers and clients.

That is the clarification we need motorization, which will allow us to share our posts on those records without paying month-to-month costs and contributing any of our huge energy.

Sharing your posts using the FS Poster plugin is inconceivably direct.

Ensuing to presenting and planning a virtual diversion scheduler plugin on your site and adding your records to the plugin, you just need to disperse your WordPress post.

The plugin will wrap up for you.
FS Poster plugin Standard permits you to share your most significant comment on Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit posts!

With the FS Poster plugin Flag, you can thus show Facebook comments on your site post comments.
You could automatically present your substance on your YouTube social class from WordPress.

FS Poster plugin Schedule posts

You for the most part track your Casual people group account encounters, and you comprehend that a huge piece of your audience members’ point of view is online for a specific time frame outline.

Regardless, oddly enough, you are not online to share a WordPress presence on your records to attract your group.

Then again, you have not organized any posts to disseminate now.

In this way, we lose the best and open the door to posting on Casual associations. You miss the hours of weighty traffic of Casual people groups and can’t attract however many groups as you can.

You can use the FS Poster plugin Flag online diversion scheduler plugin to plan and schedule your posts at a specific time.

Arranging your posts simply requires several snapshots of your time.

It empowers you to improve your posting repeat.

The Timetable View permits you to see your planned course of action.

You can moreover restart your scheduled mission as commonly as the need might arise. That assists online thing traders with an incredible arrangement since they with expecting to customarily share things.

You will really need to share up to 10 photos on Instagram with the Instagram Carousel Booking feature.

With FS Poster plugin Standard, you can normally add a typical post interface with a bio! You can engage this component on the Instagram settings as a piece of your plugin, as shown underneath the screen catch.

Direct proposition board:

FS Poster plugin Standard has a Quick Proposition Board, which is dedicated to sharing pictures, associations, and custom messages.

There are times that you would prefer not to share a blog section, but you have content that ought to be shared through Internet-based Diversion.

The virtual diversion scheduler licenses you to share your substance through Online Diversion without having a blog.

That helps an impressive part of our clients since they don’t have a blog, yet they need to share their substance on many records, and they would prefer not to sign in their records exclusively and share the substance.

Taking everything into account, they add their records to the plugin once and robotize their manual work.

Maintains all custom post types:

Custom Post Types are the specific kinds of post types that can be added to your WordPress site.

FS Poster plugin Standard supports commonly custom post types, and you can share that large number of custom post types on your Casual people group accounts.

Adding custom post types to the plugin is especially fundamental.

The screen catch shows that adding a custom post type to the plugin is normal.

You will really need to add various photos to your post with a custom picture incorporated.

FS Poster plugin features:

  • As you probably are aware, Interpersonal organizations could do without clients who share an excessive number of posts in a steady progression.
  • Informal communities or your supporters could check your posts as spam, which is a horrible encounter for organizations.
  • The most exceedingly terrible situation could occur, yet, on the off chance that you are posting, again and again, you will end up being a finished disturbance, and they will be exhausted seeing your posts stuffing their feed.
  • Then again, assuming you post too rarely, your crowd will fail to remember that you exist.
  • Consequently, you really want to adjust your posting recurrence.
  • Fortunately, the FS Poster plugin Banner has a post-span choice, which permits you to control your posting recurrence.

URL shortener administrations:

Interfaces at times are excessively lengthy, muddled, or diverting and we could have to abbreviate or simplify them.

There are numerous URL shortener administrations out there.

Sharing terrible URLs via Web-based Entertainment could terrify your supporters.

That is the reason the TinyURL and Bitly URL shortener administrations are incorporated into the plugin.

Additionally FS Poster plugin Banner backings self-hoster URL shorteners (Yourls, Porl, Schlink).

18 informal organizations and administrations incorporated:

The web-based entertainment scheduler upholds auto-posting on 18 informal organizations and WordPress-based sites.

This isn’t all. We create the plugin ceaselessly and add new Interpersonal organizations and highlights to the plugin.

Since we give lifetime refreshes, our clients will get new Informal organizations and elements perpetually without paying additional charges.

Here is the rundown of upheld Informal organizations and networks:

Upholds limitless records:

Fortunately, there is no restriction. You can add limitless records, pages, gatherings, networks, and so forth to every Informal organization.

Here is one of our clients’ records tab.


The dashboard Tab permits you to see your post visits, think about informal communities or social records by connecting clicks, and so on.

The graph shows us the number of posts that have been shared on Informal organizations for the ongoing month.

We can see everyday, month-to-month, and yearly outcomes in the diagram.

You can likewise see Interpersonal organizations and records examination by clicking.


The web-based entertainment scheduler likewise has the Logs Tab that permits you to see every one of the records of shared posts on your site.

The Logs tab contains information about the signs, likes, comments, and offers about your posts for you.

The Logs tab additionally contains the connections to the common post on Informal organizations, your Informal organization profile joins, and the common WordPress post joins.

Modify Post Messages:

At the point When we share posts on Interpersonal organization accounts, we some of the time need to share some data about our posts, not the whole post.

FS Poster plugin has underlying prepared catchphrases that permit you to share either the main data about your post or the whole post.

You can see and involve the prepared watchwords in the settings tab of the plugin.

Every Informal community has its own settings and custom messages.

Each virtual entertainment account has various crowds; obviously, you need to share custom directives for every social record. That is the reason the FS Poster plugin allows you to share custom messages per social record.

Tweak Your Post URL:

Assume we have more than 80 pages and social affairs on Facebook. At the point when you share similar posts on that large number of pages and gatherings, Facebook should seriously mull over posts as copied posts, and you could get an admonition from Facebook.

By empowering the “Interesting post interface” choice, the completion of each connection gets irregular images.

Accordingly, the post becomes interesting, and you can have similar posts however many pages or gatherings as you need.

The “Extra URL boundaries” choice permits you to include prepared watchwords in your URL boundaries.

The “Offer custom URL rather than WP Post interface” choice permits you to characterize and type your custom post URL utilizing explicit watchwords. You could require it if you have any desire to share an unexpected URL in comparison to your post URL.

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