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Image Map Pro plugin is the best SVG Image Map Builder

The Image Map Pro plugin offers much more than just another ordinary Image map Plugin. While you can certainly place areas and add text, its capabilities go far beyond that.

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Image Map Pro plugin
Image Map Pro plugin

Image Map Pro plugin accompanies its component-rich web application, so you can rapidly and effectively make the most extensive choice of custom Image Map plugins, pins, SVG, and polygon shapes, and promptly send out them to your site.

Image Map Pro plugin Features

  • 50+ Guides of Nations and Mainlands Included
  • Custom Polygon Shapes
  • North of 600 Excellent FontAwesome Symbols
  • Very Progressed Backend Proofreader
  • Content Manufacturer for Tooltips
  • Completely Responsive
  • JavaScript and HTML API
  • Click/Mouseover Activities
  • Custom Styles for Shapes
  • Image Map Import/Commodity
  • Fix/Re-try Usefulness
  • Zooming in on the Manager
  • Fullscreen Capacity
  • Rename and Reorder Shapes
  • Duplicate/Glue and Copy Shapes
  • Programmed Updates

Super Advanced Drag-and-drop Editor

The UI is right away comfortable Drag and Drop with obvious advances, symbol,l,s, and shape devices available to you – it couldn’t be any simpler.

Just certain, ly, however, we’ve likewise incorporated y sharp bit-by-bit video guide if you want your hand held affectionately, en route. Look at it currently by evaluating the Manager live!

50+ maps of countries bundled in.

We have included more than 50 guides of nations with locales, landmasses, and the world, all prepared to utilize and exceptionally adjustable.

Image Map Pro plugin is the best SVG Image Map Builder
Image Map Pro plugin is the best SVG Image Map Builder

You can add pins, change tones, empower/debilitate districts, execute custom code on snap, and even draw polygons, text, and different shapes on top.

Add Anything to the Tooltips with a Substance Developer

Image Map Pro plugin accompanies Squares – our custom substance developer that allows you to add rich substance to the tooltips of your Image map plugin. Add Video, YouTube content, Image or Fastens, and Text with styles for sure. You might organize your substance in 12-section on Bootstrap the style matrix. Go crazy, the pleasure is all mine.

Draw Your Custom Shapes

Image Map Pro plugin is the just Plugin that permits you to draw custom polygon shapes. You might zoom in for the greatest accuracy! You can, in any case, draw old-fashioned fashioned circles and square shapes, yet that is so 2007. Try the Editor!

Over 600 High-Quality FontAwesome Icons

In the Supervisor,r you will find a library of more than 600 top-notch FontAwesome SVG symbols included Free of charge. You can change their size and variety and they will scale impeccably. Need to utilize your symbol? You can do that as well!

Endless Combinations of Styles and Animations

With the Supervisor,r you can alter properties like murkiness, fill, stroke, and corner span to match the plan of your site. You can likewise have separate styles on mouseover, or make the shapes undetectable.

Looking for Even More Features Of the Image Map Pro plugin?


Image Map Pro plugin will scale wonderfully on each sort of gadget, and fat you have tooltips that need to show a ton of, data you impact make them full-screen with the flick of a button.

JavaScript and HTML API

Run JavaScript when a client clicks a shape triggers a tooltip to show up by adding HTML quality to any component on your page.

Custom Activities

Tooltips can be made to appear on mouseover or click – reason went to suit you. That could mean switching them off by and large, additionally a choice with Pixie. Or on the other hand, you can make them join. It depends on you!

Free Customer Support for 6 Months

We are here to help! If you have any issues introducing or utilizing our item, kindly send us a ticket and we will answer at the earliest opportunity!

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