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Mapper Plugin – Interactive World Map for Elementor

The Mapper Plugin is a WordPress Plugin for Elementor to add an educational vivid intuitive guide anyplace on your site page. Make limitless guides for nations, land masses, or areas. Pick the guide show mode that best suits your objectives and wishes. With at least exertion and time, you can add vital information, and design tooltips to show the fundamental data to your guests imaginatively and clearly.

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Mapper Plugin
Mapper Plugin

This multi-reason apparatus can be utilized to show different sorts of insights, and different provincial data or show the situation of workplaces, organizations, attractions, associations, and so forth. The Mapper Plugin is well-suited for travel websites, personal travel blogs, corporate retailers, global enterprises, real estate, various infographics, and more.

You can show various kinds of guides:

  • The entire world
  • Explicit continent(Africa, Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania) or sub-continent(Northern Africa, Western Europe, Focal Asia, and so on).
  • A particular country
  • A specific country with its territories/states(USA, Australia, Germany, Canada, and numerous others)
  • The US is separated by metropolitan regions.

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Map display modes On Mapper Plugin

The Mapper offers various ways of featuring regions:

  • Locales – applies chosen tone for a specific district like landmass, country, state, etc.
  • Markers – add a feature as a point, symbol, or picture for indicated districts. The title can be set in various tones and sizes.
  • Text – adds text to highlight a particular district.

Interactive feature On Mapper Plugin

To make the guide intelligent and more useful, you can empower the presentation of tooltips with extra data. A trigger for the tooltip show can be a drift or a tick on a particular district.

Color the regions depending on the values

The capability helps show insights and contrasts various districts for specific upsides of some sort or another. You can choose a variety hub and the locales will be shaded by the predetermined qualities. Showing the legend will assist you with a better comprehension of the information range being utilized.

Style customization

The styles of the close nearly map component are redone as indicated by your desires and needs. You can arrange the level and width of the guide; the foundation shade of the guide, tooltips, and different things; the shade of Latent locales or individual dynamic districts, markers, and textual styles; and the size and line setup of various components.

Five prepared templates included

We ensured that it was simple for you to get everything rolling with the Mapper Plugin. With the Plugin, you get 5 interesting adapted and go-to-utilize formats. These are only a few models that can move you to make your style. It provides you with a quick start in two or three snaps.

Mapper Plugin – Interactive World Map for Elementor
Mapper Plugin – Interactive World Map for Elementor

Features of the Mapper plugin for Elementor

  • Limitless intuitive guides on the page and site
  • Upholds various types of guides: landmasses, subcontinents, nations, states, areas
  • Upholds three showcase modes: areas, markers, text
  • Two triggers of a tooltip: float and activity
  • Incorporates the mode with a legend when locale tone relies upon the worth
  • Overlay highlight included
  • Upholds three marker types: default point, symbol, and picture.
  • Сolor the executives of dynamic and latent districts
  • Upholds various dialects
  • Symbol the board
  • Adaptable style settings
  • Responsiveness settings
  • Ideal for Elementor 2.5 and higher
  • Functions admirably with all WordPress Themes based on Elementor
  • Absolutely Website design enhancement Agreeable
  • Recollected pot archive for quick translation for any language
  • Ideal for RTL bearing
  • Quick and smooth introducing
  • Tried and viable up to WordPress 5+
  • Lightweight and Quick
  • All significant programs upheld Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Drama, and Edge
  • Simple to utilize and tweak with present-day UI
  • Establishment Guide and Nitty Gritty Clients Manual
  • A half year Included Help for CodeCanyon purchasers

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