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Premium URL Shortener Script – Best Link Shortener

Premium URL Shortener Script is a PHP URL shortener script stacked with various outstanding components.

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Premium URL Shortener Script
Premium URL Shortener Script

Premium URL Shortener Script grants you to curtail a long association into a short keen association that you can use to screen clicks and smooth out your displaying endeavors.

Premium URL Shortener Script gives you various novel gadgets to quickly bootstrap an association shortening site. A part of the components consolidates geotargeting, device zeroing in on, premium enlistment, solid dashboard, chairman board, and a movement of CMS instruments to help you with building your dream.

Premium URL Shortener Script Features

Bio Profile Generator

Make magnificent bio profiles, share a lone association and screen traffic. Add devices and associations with online diversion accounts and adjust bio profiles with amazing assortments.

Custom QR Generator

Make momentous QR codes and proposition them to general society. Use different sorts of QR codes, change tones, add your logo, peruse different shapes, and track checks.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With the extensive license, the substance changes into a SaaS stage and thusly manages all portions through Stripe, PayPal, and Bank Transfer.

Team Feature On Premium URL Shortener Script

The new gathering incorporates licenses you to all in all invite people to your get-together and work a comparative record. This is great for participation!

Custom Domain On Premium URL Shortener Script

The substance sponsorships custom regions for the two clients and the chairman. Assuming that your clients want to use their own region, they can just add it and start using it. The director can in like manner add extra spaces for clients to use. This is magnificent if you don’t completely accept that clients ought to use your essential region name.

Campaigns & Link Rotator On Premium URL Shortener Script

The mission feature grants you to pull together a couple of associations and will create a one-of-a-kind association where you will really need to send that to people. That exceptional association will allow them to see all associations in the mission and use them. Campaigns similarly add up to estimations for all associations in that mission.

Premium URL Shortener Script – Best Link Shortener
Premium URL Shortener Script – Best Link Shortener

Splash & Overlay Pages On Premium URL Shortener Script

Script as of now normally makes gave page for media URLs like Youtube, Plant, Dailymotion, etc( (View Demo). Clients can now make a custom sprinkle page and this can be a paid component. Different CTA popups are also open as overlays.

Geotargeting & Device Targeting System On Premium URL Shortener Script

Clients can choose to redirect visitors to a substitute page using their region considering both the country and the state of their device. This decision can be weakened by the headboard or per plan.

Custom Parameters & UTMs On Premium URL Shortener Script

The client can add custom limits like partner names or use the system to add UTMs.

Pixel Tracking On Premium URL Shortener Script

The client can add from more than 15 gives including anyway not confined to Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, and significantly more.

Slack, WordPress & Zapier Integrations

Game plan Slack and license your clients to abridge interfaces directly from Slack using custom orders! Your clients could game plan Zapier and the substance anytime will illuminate Zapier when another association has been shortened or when someone clicks an association! The substance similarly integrates a WordPress Plugin for your clients so they can without a doubt use the stage to contract joins.

Private Service

Is it likely that you are looking to include this substance for your own inspiration? Just drop it. Basically, enable the classified decision in the headboard and just you and all of the records you simply can cause the will to get to the site and use the components.

Anonymous User History

Strange clients can now screen their last 10 URLs without being selected. This decision can without a doubt be enabled or incapacitated by the chairman board.

Social Logins

The client can now quickly log in using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.

Easy Translation

You can without a very remarkable stretch make an understanding of this substance to any language you want by using the hidden language boss. Make another translation, change old ones, or even deleted them with a tick of a button. Everything is as of now robotized inferring that vernaculars will be added to the menu right away.

Advanced API System

Solid Programming connection point system anticipates that clients should check using an uncommon Programming point of interaction key connected with them upon enlistment. All URLs delivered by a selected client get thus set aside cash for them.

URL Validation & reCaptcha Plugin

Expansive endorsement and URL filtering structure furnish you with inward congruity. A couple of decisions are innate to cripple “uncalled-for” URLs or space names (counting TLDs) from being dealt with by the system normally. The substance similarly comes reCaptcha and SolveMedia Manual human test. At the point when engaged, the Manual human test system might be shown to obscure clients (clients not joined up).

Full-Featured Administration Panel

A solid association board gives all of you control over your site. It empowers you to regulate URLs, clients, and custom pages. You can in like manner control every one of the components from the chairman board by enabling or weakening them with a tick of a button. You have some command over Advancement, Different Manual human test Structures, Edge, Programming point of interaction Systems, Client Enlistment, URL Filtration, Themes, and Backing from that point, anything is possible.

Responsive Template with 3 Plans incorporating Dark Mode with worked in Format Manager

The default Theme accompanies 3 plans (default, light, and dull). You can undoubtedly alter the design and the Theme to accommodate your need with the new in-script proofreader. The content presently upholds Child Themes permitting you to handily alter the Theme without agonizing over refreshes and overwriting them.

Quick & Easy Installer

A strong, speedy, and simple installer sets up your site in a moment. You don’t have to go through the issue of unloading SQL documents and altering PHP records.

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