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The best money making apps for the year 2024

Introduction to Money-Making Apps:

The best app for making money online – a statement many people will love. There are numerous useful apps in the world, and now, with just your phone, you can access various tools, each more beneficial than the next: diaries, note-taking apps, social networks, dating apps, and more.

Swagbucks – A Top Money-Making App:

Swagbucks is designed to accumulate points for rewards and is one of the best money-making apps. To do so, you’ll need to perform tasks tailored to you, such as answering surveys, watching videos, clicking on ads, downloading partner apps, playing games, etc.

This app also allows you to earn cashback on your purchases. Once you accumulate enough points (at least 500 points), you can redeem them for euros through a PayPal transfer or by redeeming gift cards (Amazon, Zalando, Decathlon, etc.). The app is available in 11 countries, including France, and can be used from the age of 13.

eBuyClub – Best Money-Making Apps:

Using the eBuyClub app, you can get discounts and cashback on your purchases from one of the 2540 partner merchants, making it one of the most profitable apps. These merchants come from all over the world (travel, fashion and accessories, beauty and health, high-tech, food and drinks, culture and entertainment, garden and home, etc.).

Additionally, you can discover all the good deals near you (restaurants, stores) and find all valid promotional codes wherever you are. The cashback system in the store works by placing a “flash card,” which consists of taking a picture of the receipt after purchase to get cashback.

All you need to do is download the free eBuyClub app to benefit from all the advantages. If you don’t have a personal space yet, you’ll need to create one. Finally, you can take advantage of the discounts to fill your kitty, which can be redeemed from 10 euros you have collected, and the various ways to get it are: bank transfer, PayPal transfer, bank check, purchase voucher, or discount voucher.

Toluna – A Money-Making App:

Toluna is an app that involves answering paid surveys that match your profile and the panel your brand is looking for. Each survey earns a certain number of points, more or less depending on the length of the survey, and you can choose to convert them into cash certificates or gift certificates. 4000 points equal 1 euro, which you can earn in the survey, about 100 to 1000 points.

The key to success in Toluna is regularity and perseverance. When browsing the app, you will see that it has other features for making money (product testing, lotteries, sponsorship, etc.) to get a satisfying kitty.

iGraal – A Top Money-Making App:

iGraal is another best app for earning money, allowing you to get cashback and refunds on your purchases from partner stores. Earn up to a 35% discount on your purchases at partner stores. The sponsorship offer earns you 3 euros on the first purchase after your birth.

Then, if you want to get 10% of each cashback profit for subsequent purchases, you can donate profits to partner charities for iGraal. Discount coupons and promotional codes are also available in the app.

BeMyEye – A Money-Making App:

As the app’s name suggests, BeMyEye makes your job to go to a store near you. Write down what you have to do (for example, take a picture of the department, ask employees for advice in the app, answer some questions after the visit, etc.).

Choose the tasks you want to do, and everything will be paid. The purpose of this app is to send you as a mystery shopper to gather information about each store. The BeMyEye app (on Google Play or the App Store) allows you to easily earn money by performing significant business tasks.

These tasks, which can be selected based on location and duration, include going to a company (restaurant, store, etc.) and taking pictures of storefronts, shelves, animations, products, or other specified requests.

These photos are accompanied by comments related to pricing, customer service, product display and availability, and the tickets for cashback. The app and registration are free to meet the requirements and needs of companies. At the age of 18, you must have a bank account and/or PayPal account.

The cost of the expeditionary trip is up to 10 euros (usually 2 to 6 euros). The transfer will be made after you have accumulated about 5 euros (depending on your country of residence). Tasks are discovered thanks to the Global Positioning System (GPS) of your mobile device and offer you the nearest task. You can find your location as a mystery shopper on BeMyEye by reading the instructions carefully and with a certain degree of observation and focus.

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