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Velzon Theme – Admin & Dashboard Template

Velzon Theme is a completely responsive and premium Bootstrap 5 Administrator and Dashboard Format worked in HTML, Respond js, Precise 14, Vue 3, Laravel, ASP.Net Center 7, Django, Smooth, CodeIgniter, Symfony, PHP, Ajax, Jar, Hub Js (EJS) and Cake PHP. Whether you’re making a web application, dashboards, administrator boards, Online business applications, Venture the executives, Crypto administrator, CRM, or Backtalk-based interface then you are at the ideal location to purchase this administrator dashboard format.

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Velzon Theme
Velzon Theme

We have utilized swallow-based form devices and SCSS factors-based modes alongside RTL upheld aside from ( Ajax, PHP, Symfony, and Nodejs ). You can rapidly change the design or mode by changing information ascribes just as opposed to changing immense lines of code. We have composed a total negligible code for the wonderful UI. Velzon Theme has 8 demos and 5 kinds of various formats ( Upward, Even, Confined, Two Sections, and Floated ) with different choices like Fixed and Scrollable. Additionally support Dim, Light, and RTL modes and numerous different choices which help you in making new task.

Velzon Theme has 6 dashboards, 12+ applications, and Presentation pages that can be utilized in Examination, CRM, Web-based business, Crypto, Undertaking the board, support, NFT commercial center, or some other custom ventures.

Velzon Theme has 165+ pages, 40+ parts, 30+ outlines, and 30+ gadgets with a completely responsive plan for Work areas, Tablets, and Cell phones.

Ready to use apps:

We have not furnished completely working applications with a data set. All the applications work with JavaScript which assists engineers with moving more quickly in building genuine web applications.

  • Schedule
  • Visit
  • Post box
  • Internet business
  • Projects
  • Undertakings
  • CRM
  • Crypto
  • Solicitations
  • Support Tickets
  • NFT
  • Record Director
  • Task
Velzon Theme – Admin & Dashboard Template
Velzon Theme – Admin & Dashboard Template

Velzon Theme Features:

  • Work with Bootstrap v5.2.1
  • Work with Respond Js 18.
  • Work with Precise 14
  • Work with Vue 3
  • Work with Django 4.0.2
  • Work with Laravel 9 with Blend
  • Work with ASP.Net Center 7
  • Work with Sveltekit
  • Work with CodeIgniter 4.*
  • Work with Symfony
  • Work with PHP
  • Work with Ajax
  • Work with Nodejs (EJS)
  • Work with Cake PHP 4.3
  • Work with Carafe
  • Work with aiohttp
  • Dim, Light with RTL Upheld
  • Different Designs with Responsive
  • Completely Responsive Plan
  • W3C Approved HTML Pages
  • Swallow-Based Work Process
  • Firebase and Fakebackend validation support in ( Respond, Precise, and Vue )
  • Light-weight, Clean, and Remarked Code
  • Simple to Alter with SCSS Factors
  • Limitless Variety choices
  • Drag and Drop
  • Efficient Envelope Construction
  • Lifetime Free Updates
  • Limitless Format Prospects
  • GitHub Backing
  • 6 Dashboards
  • 12+ applications like Schedule, Talk, Post box, Web-based business, Activities, Errands, CRM, Crypto, Solicitations, NFT, Email layouts, and Backing Tickets
  • Validation and Mistake Pages
  • One Page and NFT Points of arrival
  • Profile, Settings, Receipt, Coming soon, Support, Timetable, Evaluating, Display, FAQ, and a lot more Pages

Layout Features:

  • Upward, Flat, and Isolated
  • Light and Dull Modes
  • Liquid and Boxed Width
  • Fixed and Scrollable Positions
  • Light and Dull Topbars
  • Default, Minimal, Little Symbol, and Symbol Floated Sidebars
  • Light and Shaded Sidebars
  • LTR and RTL upheld
  • Preloader choice

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