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WOOF Plugin – Best WooCommerce Products Filter

WOOF Plugin – WooCommerce Items Channel is a strong, adaptable, simple, and powerful channel Plugin that stretches out the usefulness of the WooCommerce Plugin to permit your site guests make look at items by their classes, items credits, labels, items scientific classifications, meta fields, and item cost.

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WOOF Plugin
WOOF Plugin

High-level Channels Assist Clients With finding More:

  • Is it safe to say that you are exhausted with the standard WooCommerce choices?
  • Do you want to add further developed Channels for your clients?
  • Couldn’t having greater usefulness and adaptability in your store be great?

Next up, we’ll explore a selection of the diverse options that the WOOF Plugin brings to your website:

  • Gadget
  • Item Shortcodes
  • AJAX item Search
  • The scientific classification shows decisions: radio, checkbox, drop­down, range-slider, variety, picture, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg
  • Meta fields such as search by text, slider, checkbox, drop-down, date picker

WOOF Plugin has a ton of in-fabricated expansions like search Measurement, show credits as Varieties, show credits as Pictures, Meta Channel, Search by Text, Search by SKU, Scientific classification Reach slider, Ordered progression drop-down, show credits as Names, On deals checkbox, In stock checkbox, make search Web optimization joins like https://demo.products-filter.com/swoof/variety red/product_cat-coat/and incorporate them into the webpage map record, and so forth.

WOOF Plugin – Best WooCommerce Products Filter
WOOF Plugin – Best WooCommerce Products Filter


  • WOOF Plugin can be utilized as Shortcode, so as the Gadget. Extraordinary shortcode [woof] permits embedding item channels in any piece of your site. It is feasible to show items with scientific categorizations and properties in the pursuit structure as radio, checkbox, drop-down, multi-let fall-down, radio buttons in the drop-down, variety, picture, name, progressive system drop-down, credits/scientific categorization range-slider, checkbox buttons in the drop-down
  • Items shortcode [woof_products per_page=8 columns=3 is_ajax=1 taxonomies=product_cat:9] permits to show and channel designated items in a solitary page or as a component of post content, and items there are filterable in diverting or ajax mode. Utilizing shortcode trait custom_tpl it is even conceivable to utilize custom layouts that give wide adaptability in various tasks.
  • Items Looking through BY AJAX
  • (alternatively) permits channel wooCommerce items without page reloading. Works for 95% WordPress Themes and ought to be tried before delivery to the creation site as it depends on the current WP theme usefulness and incorporated HTML code thermodynamic Items DescribeThis strong component permits to show in the hunt structure the number of important variations that will be found if click chose HTML component in the channel search structure
  • Channel WOOCOMMERCE Items BY META Information
  • Permits involving exceptional usefulness in the Plugin settings page add meta fields information in the pursuit stream (text and number sort)
  • WOOF Plugin permits sifting your shop items site by SKU as a component of the enormous hunt structure, so as the exceptional shortcode [woof_sku_filter]
  • SEARCH Items BY Cost
  • Can be shown as a reach slider, so as a drop-down with range choice
  • wooCommerce Items TEXT SEARCH
  • By title, content, portion, and blends. It is feasible to utilize a unique shortcode [woof_text_filter] which you can embed in the spot you need.
  • Website optimization Connections
  • Utilizing exceptional WOOF Plugin augmentation Web optimization URL demand your shop can produce search Website design enhancement cordial connections which will decidedly influence the query items of your website in Google and other hunt frameworks.
  • Bit by bit Items Channel
  • This innovation permits you to make an items wizard for your shop clients where they can bit by bit choose items they need to purchase
  • Measurement
  • You can continuously examine search information and comprehend what is more intriguing for your clients, and obviously, such information will assist with developing your business
  • Speedy Inquiry
  • This innovation was made particularly for the WOOF Plugin and permits make moment search no matter what the items amount of items without AJAX or page reloading
  • Items Courier
  • Permits you’re signed-in clients to buy into the items channel blends and forever be educated to purchase. Such apparatus can develop a change in the shop. Use it as a gadget, so as shortcode [woof_products_messenger]
  • This expansion considers your clients save search mixes and access them in the future by a single tick which makes your clients more enlightening and attentive about your shop items
  • Limitless Looking over
  • Permits burden and see WooCommerce items on the shop and list page without clicking on pagination buttons
  • Pictures can be as channel HTML components in the hunt structure
  • Varieties can be as channel HTML components in the pursuit structure
  • Cost channel as reach slider OR as drop-down
  • Showing stowed away pursuit structure as BUTTON
  • In the Plugin settings for radio and checkboxes, HTML components in the channel structure can be chosen from various skins
  • Plausibility to make items custom design layout and use it with shortcode [woof_products] in Ajax and divert mode see ascribes custom_tpl and tpl_index
  • Conceivable to make any expansions for the Plugin (for engineers as it were)? See organizer ‘ext’ for the code models
  • WOOF Plugin has a wide Programming interface depicted in CODEX
  • WOOF Plugin utilizes a local WooCommerce Programming interface which permits existing together and participation with one more Plugin made for WooCommerce
  • Viable with WooCommerce Cash Switcher
  • Viable with WOOT – WooCommerce Dynamic Items Tables
  • Viable with WPML
  • PHP 5.6.x – 8. x.x full similarity
  • Straightforward, hearty, AND rich choices of board
  • Solid Specialized Help WHICH Every DAY WORKS WITH TONES OF CODE!
  • Proficient BACKEND

From the strong back­end editorial manager you can incorporate just what is important, or for additional perplexing prerequisites with tremendous item runs ­ add every kind of channel under the sun.

WOOF Plugin backend screen

  • With our High-level Tab, you can add custom CSS to style the Plugin to suit the requirements of your site ­ on the grounds that consistency is significant!
  • Custom Expansions take your store to a higher level and give clients the choice to sort by Creator, Deals, SKU, or Variety.
  • Utilizing Expansions you can make custom shortcodes that permit you to show your items in a wide assortment of ways.
  • With WOOF Plugin fueling your Internet business store, your business potential grows giving clients the high-level capacities to look at and channel the data that intrigues them most.
  • With WOOF Plugin – WooCommerce Item Channels you can do all of this and substantially more…

Attempt IT NOW!

Still not persuaded? Download it now For nothing and step through it for an exam drive on our own website!

Obviously, WOOF Plugin accompanies complete web-based documentation for any of those niggling inquiries, remembering a committed segment for working with the Programming interface and custom areas for designers, how to arrange your front­end and use Shortcodes as well as Tips and Deceives for capitalizing on your new Plugin

Thing support incorporates:

  • The openness of the maker to answer questions
  • Responding to specialized inquiries concerning things highlights
  • Help with revealed bugs and issues
  • Assist with including outsider resources

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